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The Ride Home

Mark Stancato Honey Commercial →

Nightswimming for Daydreamers

Last Call

Devil to Pit

UPS Spec Ad - Brinkman! Mark Stancato is a film director who becomes increasingly frustrated with a member of his crew over the course of one day on set.

Detective Martz, 'Eighteen Thousand Points,' Scene

Barton Fink scene UCLA

CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession Monologue by Mark Stancato

Music video for Undone performed by Candace Bellamy. Remi Award Winner – Best Music Video

The Funniest 12 Days of Christmas Song Parody Of All Time (IMNSHO). Our version celebrates the way lead singer Mark's Italian family enjoys the holidays. This song and video was created as a gift for Mark's mom, Kathy.

Monologue - Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? Good Will Hunting

Case by Case complete short film.